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Chestnut Products

Stuart Foord Fencing stocks a large variety of Chestnut Products including Chestnut Stakes, Chestnut Tree Stakes, Chestnut Pale Fencing, Chestnut Rails and Cleft Chestnut Posts.

Chestnut Stakes are ideal for use in livestock fencing.

Chestnut Tree Stakes – We produce Chestnut tree stakes in a variety of sizes. They are ideal for staking out newly planted trees.

Cleft Chestnut Posts and Chestnut Rail

Chestnut Paling – Stuart Foord’s Chestnut Pale Fencing is the ideal solution for fencing needs. Whether you require boundary fencing, roadwork fencing, livestock fencing – Chestnut pale fencing could be the solution. Because of the ease of rolling and unrolling the pales it is well adapted to be used for temporary fencing purposes.

Please call us on 01435 865170 for more information and to discuss your requirements or visit our yard to see our range of Chestnut Products.

Below you can see some of our stock of Chestnut Products